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Football betting cannot be lost by playing science

Football betting

In football betting, there are many strategies players need to pay attention to, and the Fibonacci strategy is one of them. This is considered a strategy to manage and use capital to bring about high efficiency, helping players avoid maximum loss of capital when participating. Soon, the best sportsbook online will help players gain more experience applying this strategy successfully.

About the Fibonacci betting strategy

There have been many opinions that betting according to the Fibonacci style strategy brings high profits. But in return, the player then needs to accept possible risks. Moreover, the investment capital is not low, so not everyone can participate. But in fact, there are still many players betting according to this strategy. The reason is that the Fibonacci bet style is widely applied by professional players. It was even published as a book in 2007 and was widely circulated.

Specifically, the betting principle of the Fibonacci football strategy is: Players need to prioritize the European rafters and should place them on the Draw door. When a player loses a bet, the next bets continue to be placed in a tie but increase the bet. Keep applying it until the player wins the bet to stop.

At the same time, some professional players also share the application of the Fibonacci strategy, which is that if the probability of the ball the player is following is > 2.618, the player will put money on the draw. Please continue to maintain and increase the bet for each match according to the Fibonacci sequence, which is: 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21… Usually, when predicting the score of a probability match, the score is extremely unpredictable. But if the priority is on the draw, the player needs to bet boldly. Because when winning this bet, the amount of money the player receives will be very high. As a result, players can both profit and gain capital lost in previous bets that have been lost.

The process of betting according to the Fibonacci strategy

According to the betting instructions based on the Fibonacci betting principles shared in football betting above, players are sure that they know what to choose to participate in, right? In addition, players can also apply this betting strategy to the Over/Under as well as the handicap.

For example, players apply the Fibonacci betting strategy to matches in the English Premier League. The first capital the player puts into it is $ 1 and the average tie rate is 3.6. Then the player will have the following betting process:

Game 1: Put $1  on the draw and lose the bet.

2nd match: Continuing, the player also places $1 on the draw and loses the bet.

Match 3: Players following the Fibonacci sequence put $2 on the tie. This time also continued to lose the battle.

Game 4: The player now increases the bet to 3$. But in this match, the player loses again.

The 5th match: The player increases the bet to $ 5, and if the player wins the bet, the player will receive $ 5 multiplied by 3.6. So the player gets an amount of 18$.

Note that the article only takes the example of a $1 bet; when participating in betting, players will increase their bets based on their own budget. Through this betting process, we find ourselves putting out a bet of $12 (1+1+2+3+5). When you win, the player gets $ 18 which means a profit of $ 6, right?

If players maintain the Fibonacci betting method throughout the Euro season, the possibility of winning is quite high.

After reading the article on Fibonacci strategy, register for an account to analyze whether players dare to follow this strategy when betting on football or not. In fact, as analyzed, if the player dares to face the risk, then this method is considered to bring quite a high profit. But as has been said many times, we can’t predict anything in football betting. Even the form of each team is no exception. If players decide to apply the Fibonacci betting strategy, they need to learn it carefully. There is such a high probability of winning for new players.

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